Whether you are planning a group excursion, corporate outing, or family trip in Melbourne, it is recommended to take the service of a 12-seater bus hire from Melbourne Van Rentals. We provide a budget-friendly and convenient transportation solution featuring comprehensive features, competitive rates, and the option of choosing old/new models of 12-seater vans. Check out the rental rates and inclusions that will help you receive a blend of comfort, flexibility, and affordability.

12-Seater Van Hire, Melbourne

For 12 12-Seater Van Hire, Melbourne Van Rentals offers 3 different distinct rate plans that are suitable for meeting assorted rental needs and time.

1.Daily Rate

Cost: $220 per day, including 10% GST.
Inclusions: 200 km/day allowance.
Additional Charges: $0.33 per km for extra kilometers.

This option is suitable for short-term needs like a weekend getaway or a day trip. Our daily rate option includes a generous mileage allowance that is perfectly suitable for local travel. Hence, it is an excellent choice for those who require flexibility but are not looking for long-term commitment.

2.Weekly Rate for Monthly Contracts

Cost: $1100 per week, including 10% GST.
Inclusions: 1400 km/week allowance.
Minimum Contract: 1 month.

This option is suitable for medium-term needs like businesses requiring regular group transport or for families looking for an extended holiday. It is also supported with an increased mileage allowance, suitable for more frequent or longer trips. It ensures a balance between convenience and cost-efficiency.

3.Weekly Rate for Quarterly Contracts

Cost: $900 per week, including 10% GST.
Inclusions: 1400 km/week allowance.
Minimum Contract: 3 months.

This option is suitable for those businesses that have ongoing transportation requirements like tour operators, event planners, and companies that manage long-term projects. It is one of the most economical options for long-term needs. The quarterly contracts feature generous mileage allowance and reduced weekly costs.


If you are looking to hire a 12-seater van, Melbourne Van Rentals is the best company to deal with. It offers attractive rates for renting the van/bus on a monthly, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Connect the company for reliable, affordable, and flexible 12-Seater Bus Hire in Melbourne.

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