Toyota Hiace SLWB Van for Hire: Race Motors’ refrigerated Toyota Hiace SLWB van stands as the reliable refrigerated transport solutions—a strategic choice for businesses

Race Motors proudly introduces the refrigerated Toyota Hiace van for hire in Melbourne—an apex of excellence in temperature-controlled transport. Tailored for Melbourne’s dynamic industries, this 2021 model reflects Race Motors’ commitment to delivering top-tier vehicles for businesses with exacting standards.

Precision in Temperature Control

At the core of the refrigerated 2 tonne Toyota Hiace SLWB van for hire lies an exceptional refrigeration system, meticulously engineered for precise temperature control. Whether transporting perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, or other sensitive cargo, this van ensures products reach their destination in optimal condition. Advanced technology guarantees sustained desired temperatures, providing peace of mind for businesses with stringent requirements.

Innovative and Spacious Design

The Toyota Hiace SLWB Van For Hire boasts an innovative and spacious design that distinguishes it in the world of refrigerated transport. The intelligently laid-out cargo area facilitates efficient loading and unloading, allowing businesses to maximise operational efficiency. Versatility in cargo management makes it an ideal choice for a diverse range of industries, providing tailored solutions for unique transport needs.

Driver-Focused Comfort

The ergonomically designed driver’s cabin ensures comfort for those behind the wheel, making navigating Melbourne’s streets stress-free and contributing to overall transport efficiency. The driver-centric design emphasises the importance of a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.


Hiring the refrigerated Toyota Hiace SLWB van is not just an investment in quality; it’s a cost-effective solution for businesses with temperature-controlled transport needs. Its energy-efficient design and reliable performance contribute to lower operational costs, making it an economical choice for businesses looking to optimise their logistics without compromising on quality.

Race Motors’ refrigerated Toyota Hiace SLWB van stands as the reliable refrigerated transport solutions—a strategic choice for businesses prioritising reliability, efficiency, and quality in their temperature-controlled transport operations. It goes beyond being a vehicle; it’s Race Motors’ commitment to innovation and performance, ensuring every cargo arrives in great condition.

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